port of ephrataCheck back for dates as the 2022 schedule
comes together for the following events:

Soaring Season Begins: First part of May 
Aerobatics Camp 1: May 15-18
Aerobatics Camp 2: May 19-21
"Dust Up" /OLC Cross Country Camp: May 28-30
Evergreen Encampment: May 31 - June 5
Wiederkehr Encampment:  June 5-12
Apple Cup:  June 8-11
Region 8 Soaring Competition:  June 26 - July 2
Civil Air Patrol Encampment:  July 18-30
Aerobatic Practice August 10-13
Apple Turnover Aerobatic Competition:  Sep 7-10

Click Here for EVOC/Aerobatic/Gun Range Competition Schedule!

port of ephrata   port of ephrata port of ephrata