port of ephrataRunway 03/21, the favored runway, is 5500' x 75' (Weight Rating in Thousands of pounds) : Single Wheel-30, Duel Wheel-60) . Runway 11/29, which is generally used in crosswind conditions is 60' x 3,843' and is rated for aircraft 12,500lbs gross weight and under. Runway 04/22 is for glider operations only and is 3467' x 150'. Powered aircraft parking is located on the ramp south of Taxiway A2 and glider parking is north of A2.

PILOT SERVICES: CTAF is 122.8. 100LL is available just south of the Port office across from Taxiway A2. Visa, Mastercard & Discover cards are accepted at the self-serve fueling station 24hrs. A pilot lounge and courtesy car are available in the downstairs portion of the airport offices.

WEATHER: The Columbia Basin gives us an average of 343 VFR flying days per year. Occasional snow or winter fog will close the airport for short periods. ASOS may be monitored via phone @ 509.754.3761 or Freq 135.775

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port of ephrata